Karla Guy - About Me
Karla Guy -

"I was born to HEAL the World with Laughter

*Mexican Food & Margaritas are my fav!

*Tobasco and Ranch at my table!

*My first acting gig was as a turtle.

*I have a deaf cat named Effie & her bff      Mollie-Mahls

*My friends call me KIBBLES!

*I'm a Tea Junkie!

*I love dorky boys who are cool.

*I was top 10 in the nation on Yahoo  
Backgammon (want to play?)

*My favorite movies are Wizard of OZ, Jesus Christ Superstar, Dead Again, Pete's Dragon, The Little Prince, Sweet Charity, Pillow Talk and the Judy Garland Story for inspiration and motivation!.

*I love church wine want to go wine tasting with me on Sunday? I'll pray for you. ;)

*Sometimes I throw holy water on myself.

* I love Musicals!!! I went to Musical Theater school in NYC.

*In high school I was on the science team to meet boys... 
(all girl schools suck!)

*I got fired from my job at a hair salon for getting hair extensions and for being taller than the owner! (I'm 5'2')

* I will drive to the ends of the earth for a Schlotsky's Sandwhich!!!

* I never knew I was FUNNY until one day Improv Master & my biggest fan LOUIS ANTHONY RUSSO told me so!


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