Karla Guy - About Me
Karla Guy -

"I was born to HEAL the World with Laughter

*Mexican Food & Margaritas are my fav!

*Tobasco and Ranch at my table!

*My first acting gig was as a turtle.

*I have a deaf cat named Effie & her bff      Mollie-Mahls

*My friends call me KIBBLES!

*I'm a Tea Junkie!

*I love dorky boys who are cool.

*I was top 10 in the nation on Yahoo  
Backgammon (want to play?)

*My favorite movies are Wizard of OZ, Jesus Christ Superstar, Dead Again, The Outsiders, Pete's Dragon, The Little Prince, Sweet Charity, Pillow Talk and the Judy Garland Story for inspiration and motivation!.

*I love church wine want to go wine tasting with me on Sunday? I'll pray for you. ;)

*Sometimes I throw holy water on myself.

* I love Musicals!!! I went to Musical Theater school in NYC.

*In high school I was on the science team to meet boys... 
(all girl schools suck!)

*I got fired from my job at a hair salon for getting hair extensions and for being taller than the owner! (I'm 5'2')

* I will drive to the ends of the earth for a Schlotsky's Sandwhich!!!

* I never knew I was FUNNY until one day Improv Master & my biggest fan LOUIS ANTHONY RUSSO told me so!


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